A Backstory Behind TV’s “The Biggest Loser”

When you view a show like Biggest Loser…

Below, you will find a link to an expose’ type story from a past contestant on “The Biggest Loser”. As a trainer, my objective with a client is always to attain the best results in the most reasonable time frame, while doing so in the safest manner possible. When you view a show like Biggest Loser, you see results that come from 100% controlled nutritional intake, up to five hours a day of intense exercise, seven days a week, and editing that can show the results in a sometimes less than accurate manner. Most of us can’t put our lives on hold to dedicate five hours per day to exercise, nor do most have the strength, stamina and endurance to do so in a safe fashion. We live in an “instant gratification/instant results” kind of society, but please, keep in mind, getting fit in a healthy manner doesn’t happen instantly, but with commitment, dedication and the right guidance, it can and will happen!


Jim Harris