Fitness Success-As Easy As Baking a Cake

In training salespeople over the years, I have often used the comparison of the sales process to making a cake from mix. I now have come to see fitness success as a similar parallel. Realizing that baking a cake that contains many unhealthy ingredients may be an unhealthy analogy, it still makes the point.


If one wishes to bake a cake, but has no baking skills, the first step would likely be a trip to the local grocery, where you can find an array of cake mixes, with beautiful and mouth watering photos on the box front.


On the back of the box, you will find a list of necessary ingredients, along with step by step instructions. Purchase the needed ingredients, follow these steps, properly and in order, and hopefully you will end up with something similar to the beautiful box photo.

What happens if you follow some, but not all, of the steps? What if you do them exactly as written, but in the wrong order? Let’s say you purchase all the proper ingredients except one? What if you leave out the eggs? Will you still end up with the desired cake? Doubtful, or as an experienced baker told me, you may very well have a mess on your hands.

Fitness success is very similar in that it involves the proper combination and coordination of five major ingredients; Resistance training, cardio training, nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Get four out of the five right and you still fall short of your potential. Eat too far in advance and you may not have sufficient nutrients to fuel the potential gains from your resistance training. Do heavy cardio too close to resistance training and you can wipe out those gains. Eat solid food too closely to a lifting session and you may become nauseous as your body tries to balance digestion and heavy work demands. Fail to get sufficient rest and much of your labor may go unrewarded.

Fitness is very similar to baking, in that the process has specific steps, in a specific order,and requires specific ingredients, designed to arrive at a desirable destination. Find a trainer/coach that is a good fit for you, follow the directions given, and you will love your results!

Jim Harris