Healthy Snack-Asparagus Spears w/ Turkey & Mustard

Want a tasty and easy healthy snack? Here you go! Start with Boar’s Head low sodium turkey from your deli, Boar’s head deli style mustard, and some fresh asparagus spears.


Bring a skillet with about 1″ of water to a boil.

While your water is heating, cut off the white tips from the asparagus, and add a very thin film of the mustard to individual slices of the turkey.

When the water reaches a boil, add a single layer of asparagus spears. Allow to boil for about 5 minutes for regular sized, 7-8 minutes for the jumbo spears.

Add a spear to a slice of turkey with the mustard added, roll up and enjoy! Very healthy, and a very tasty snack! Low in calories and sodium, and a good source of protein and potassium.

Jim Harris