How Do You Choose a Personal Trainer?

When we are talking with a client about a potential training relationship, we send them the information you see below about us and our operational and training styles, and let them know some of the differences between our methods and those they might find elsewhere. Even if you live in a different location, but are considering a training relationship, you can find a lot of the right info to seek and questions to ask here. Get all the information that you need to make this all important decision. Ask any and all questions. Research the trainer’s credentials. Review their references and client results.

Why us? Quality return on your investment of time and money, and the results that you seek.

Value-For every hour of session time that you pay for, you also get the value of an average of two hours in planning in advance of every working session, plus daily monitoring, non-session day exercise prescriptions, nutritional direction, and a support network to help you remain committed to your goals.

Experience-We have over twenty years of experience, helping people lose weight, improve their quality of life, and achieve their fitness goals. Our references tell you the level of quality that our clients enjoy in their training experience! We have  experience in numerous training disciplines; Kettlebells, High Intensity Interval Training, plyometrics, explosive strength systems, speed, agility, footwork, speed, injury rehab/recovery and others.

Education– Your results are our mission, so we stay on top of every new development in the world of fitness and nutrition. You are putting your health in our hands, and that is not a responsibility that we take lightly. I am a Certified Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious certification available in the industry. I am also certified in Nutrition by the ASFA, in Functional Aging by FAI and in Weight Management and Lifestyle by NESTA.  We spend hours every week communicating with elite college and professional coaches, athletes, strength trainers, conditioning coaches and personal trainers to stay on the cutting edge of effective training and nutrition. This is our business, and our passion

Professionalism- We are always ready on time, and fully prepared for our training. We don’t bring phones into sessions, so our focus is solely on you, not on texts or emails. You deserve our undivided attention, and you get it!

Efficiency– We do not use up session time with watching you on a treadmill or cardio equipment, we spend our time putting you through exercises that will increase your metabolism, improve your core and strength, and lead to healthy weight loss, as well as teaching as we go. We are always cognizant of maximizing the investment that you make, and ensuring that you receive all the value possible. We will teach you how do the exercises on your own that you don’t need our supervision in doing, making your session time focused on the most beneficial exercises and teaching.

Reputable-We have every credential available from the referral service Thumbtack. Our backgrounds are checked and verified for your safety and security.  All of our company info and professional information is verified as well. We are fully licensed and insured.

Individuality– Every session, for every client, is customized for their exact needs. Many trainers do nothing but count reps as they put their clients through cookie cutter workouts, each one the same. In every session, you will likely see exercises that you have never seen before, that are specific to you and your needs

Convenience-We offer appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.   Also, we accept all major credit cards through our online web store.

Nutrition-Our nutritional plans are customized specifically for you, taking into account your food likes and dislikes, allergies, your daily schedule, and everything we need to get your nutrition in line with our exercise prescription.

Learning– In our training, you will not only receive quality workout sessions, but will learn extensively about what we are doing, your physiology and anatomy, how exercise and diet work together, how your body improves through our efforts, the purpose of each exercise and how it fits into our overall plan and much more. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. We want to get you to a point that you can plan and implement your own workouts and food plans, and you only need an occasional “tune up” from us.

Privacy-Our private training facility has everything needed to provide a world class workout, for any client at any level of fitness. Our equipment includes hundreds of pounds of free weights, a Smith machine, cable stations, steps, ab tower, kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, heavy bag, speed/agility equipment, weighted vests and a variety of benches and resistance options, just to name a few. You WILL get a great workout!!


Jim Harris