Weight Loss-The Habits That The Biggest Losers Share

On a daily basis, Marian and I analyze details about our clients, trying to find common denominators among those who succeed, to share as opportunities to improve for everyone. When we look at the common habits and characteristics of the clients that see the greatest results, and often in the shortest time frames, several stand out, and, almost without exception, these are shared by all of the highest achievers. To help everyone on the road to a fit lifestyle, we want to share those habits here. If you are currently working on a fitness plan yourself, try and find some tips here that can help on your journey.

  1. Prioritization– The top achieving clients are the least likely to miss a session, or to cancel or reschedule. They make fitness and being healthy a top priority in their lives. Make no mistake, they all share the same daily responsibilities we all do: careers, travel, family, etc., yet they make the time to do what is best for them and for their families, to get healthy
  2. Responsibility– Top performers check in daily as to their non-session day exercises, food intake, feedback from workouts, etc. They are always asking questions which serve to improve their knowledge of the process, and, consequently, their results. Why is daily feedback important? A professional trainer will have your exercise prescription planned in advance of your arrival for your session, based on the needed pieces of your fitness puzzle. Knowing what exercise you have done on the days since your last session, plus feedback as to how your body reacted in the day or days after the last session, allows for better preparation, so the client’s session is more productive and beneficial. Long story short, the more often we here from a client, the better we know they are going to do!
  3. Accountability– Our clients that go public with their commitment, primarily on social media, make the greatest gains. When you have posted your intent and progress publicly, you eliminate the safety net that can provide an out, which keeps many from reaching their goals as quickly. Those who have “gone public” and also support others who’ve done the same tend to be the highest level in accomplishments. Clients who try an “keep it to themselves” that they are undertaking a new fitness challenge tend to proceed at a slower pace, and tend to accept more excuses, miss more sessions or classes, etc.
  4. Compliance– The best performers take the direction given in lockstep. They adopt the food plan, the non-session day prescriptions, the accountability requested, and all other directions instantly. They use the products that we recommend, the tracking products that we provide, and understand the need to follow the plan to see the results. Several clients have seen sluggish results, compared to their expectations, then see their results skyrocket after having a review with us, identifying the missing elements and getting in lockstep on the program.
  5. Commitment– The leaders all know that this process isn’t an overnight one. You can’t erase years or decades of unhealthy behavior in a couple of weeks. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. The top performers know that they are adapting positive changes that will results in a healthier lifestyle, and that the loss of pounds and inches are a consequence of that direction, but are not the goals themselves.
  6. Frequency– The best results happen for the clients who embrace the need to have intense exercise prescriptions six days per week. Mike Plunkett, who dropped almost 80 pounds and 14 inches in his waist in just 6 months, lifted with me twice each week, and the other four exercise days sent me photos of the screen on the cardio equipment used, with time, calories and all of the other info about his workout, plus feedback as to how his body was responding to the exercises. Knowing what a client does on their non-session day makes planning effective working sessions easier.
  7. Enthusiasm-Not that they never have a down day, or that they never feel intimidated by the length of the journey, but the top performers always find a way to keep their heads in the game, and to find a way to make it to their session, or to the gym on their off days, or to stay on their food plan. They remember the goal at the end is to be healthier, and have a better quality of life, as well as a longer one, for themselves as well as the ones they love.
  8. Patience– The best progress has come from those who patiently allowed us to develop their strength and stamina first, so that they could handle exercises are a higher level of intensity down the road, burning more calories and making progress at a faster pace. For many who are starting at a basic level of fitness, they can only sustain a half hour or so of mild to moderate intensity exercise to start, burning only 200 calories or so. After a few weeks of building their strength, stamina, balance and endurance, hey can sustain a much higher level, and burn as many as three times the calories. Also, those who have tried numerous fad diets, realize that there is a period of time for your metabolism to reset, so you work on strength, stamina and balance in the meantime.

Lastly, they have to learn to give themselves credit for the work done, and the progress they have made. When you are an adult, and unhealthy, the failure rate for everything you’ve attempted to this point is 100%, so we often have a hard time not assuming that our current efforts will end up in failure as well. A positive attitude goes a long way toward making serious progress!

Losing weight and inches is work, no doubt. It boils down to simple mathematics. A pound of fat consists of approximately 3,500 calories. To lose a pound of fat, you must burn 3,500 calories more than you take in, while consuming enough quality food to keep your metabolism from slowing. If you are consuming fewer than 1,200 calories per day, your metabolism is likely slowing, and it is doubtful you will see any substantial progress, regardless of the amount of exercise you put in. Burning 500 calories per day more than you take in puts you on a pace to lose 1 pound in a week.


Every day, we see clients making progress that they never thought possible, which makes what we do so very rewarding. If you chose the right partner in your fitness quest, and provide the attributes described above, you will be amazed at what you can do, how great you will feel, and your only regret will be not having done it sooner. We are always here to help, but, even if you chose to not partner with us, find a trainer/coach that you feel is a good fit, partner up and get yourself healthy! Trust me on this, if you have tried it on your own numerous times and not succeeded, find a professional partner and triple your odds of success. If we can help in any way, drop us a line at jim@maxresultstraining.com.

Jim Harris