Your Prescription Drugs And Your Fitness Plan

Factors other than exercise and diet contribute to and/or detract from your progress in a fitness plan, among them the medications you may be taking. Several drugs have been shown to cause weight gain in some individuals, and can inhibit progress in weight loss and reduction of body fat.  Being aware of the potential impact of these pharmacological products is important to your plan and your overall health.


The drug families that can keep you from losing body fat and/or cause weight gain include-



-Beta Blockers/Blood Pressure meds


-Depo shots and other injectable birth control (very high weight gain, and quickly)

-Diabetes Meds

-HRT (Hormones)

-Mood Stabilizers



Here is a partial list, from, of some of the specific medications that are known to cause weight gain in some individuals:



Paxil      Paroxetine          SSRI Antidepressant

Zoloft    Sertraline            SSRI Antidepressant

Elavil     Amitriptyline      Tricyclic Antidepressant

Remeron             Mirtazapine        Antidepressant

Clozaril        Clozapine     Antipsychotic/Mood Stabilizer

Zyprexa                Olanzapine         Antipsychotic/Mood Stabilizer

Risperdal             Risperidone        Antipsychotic/Mood Stabilizer

Seroquel             Quetiapine         Antipsychotic/Mood Stabilizer

Lithobid               Lithium Mood Stabilizer

Depakene, Depakote     Valproic acid, divalproex               Seizure Disorder/Migraines/Mood Stabilizer

Neurontin           Gabapentin        Seizure Disorder

Tegretol               Carbamazepine Seizure Disorder/Mood Disorder

Lopressor            Metoprolol         Antihypertensive-Beta Blocker (blood pressure)

Tenormin            Atenolol               Antihypertensive-Beta Blocker (blood pressure)

Inderal Propranolol        Antihypertensive-Beta Blocker (blood pressure)

Norvasc                   Amlodipine      Antihypertensive-Beta Blocker (blood pressure)

Catapres              Clonidine             Alpha-2 Adrenergic Agonist (blood pressure,

Actos     Pioglitazone       Thiazolidinediones (diabetes)

Avandia                 Rosiglitazone   Thiazolidinediones (diabetes)

Amaryl Glimepiride        Sulfonylureas (diabetes)

Novolog, Lantus, Humalog (various brands)        Insulin   Diabetes

Diabeta                Glyburide          Sulfonylureas (diabetes)

Glucotrol             Glipizide               Sulfonylureas (diabetes)

Deltasone, Medrol, Solu-Cortef               oral prednisone, oral methylprednisolone, hydrocortisone injectable                Corticosteroid

Allegra fexofenadine    Antihistamines

Zyrtec   cetirizine              Antihistamines

Jim Harris